Quantitative EEG and Evoked Potentials as Basis for Successful Neurotherapy

Functional Biomarkers in Psychiatry and Neurology

Who should attend?

Neurologists, psychiatrists, child- and adolescent psychiatrists, research students, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, MDs, pediatricians, occupational therapists, Neurofeedback therapists, school psychologists

QEEG-Courses from our partners

Hirnfunktionen als integrativer Bestandteil der psychiatrisch-psychologischen Diagnostik 
Gehirn- und Trauma-Stiftung Graubünden
Kurszeitraum August bis Dezember 2020
Dr. Andreas Müller und beigezogene Expertinnen und Experten
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QEEG-Courses from our partners

Webinar: Event Related Potentials in clinical practice
Professional development events with Prof. Juri Kropotov – operated by Brain Mind & Memory Institute Australia braininstitute.com.au.
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Basic Courses

Our basic course gives an introduction to recording and analysis of a quantitative EEG (QEEG) as well as evoked potentials (ERP) and is intended for newcomers in these fields. Determine dysfunctions of the brain by means of brainmaps. During the extensive practicum you will have the opportunity to record and analyse your own EEGs and ERPs as well as analyse various clinical cases. We supply all equipment for working in groups of two persons.

Advanced Courses

The advanced course is intended for those who have experience in the field of EEG/QEEG/ERP and neurotherapy. Different brain disorders such as ADHD, schizophrenia, autism, depression, dementia and others will be analyzed in detail. Their neurophysiological aspects, including QEEG/ERP biomarkers and several non-pharmaceutical therapeutic options will be evaluated. Attendees are welcome to present cases of their own patients that will be discussed during the course.

Report Service

After you have implemented this method in your practice you have the possibility to make use of our professional report service: You do the
QEEG- and ERP-recordings and the evaluation forms in your practice and leave the analysis and recommendations to our experienced experts.

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What experts say about the methodology developed by Prof. Yury Kropotov and his workshop

Mort testimonials: www.braininstitute.com.au/testimonials

As a veteran researcher of International standing, Professor Yuri Kropotov brings a wealth of integrated knowledge about brain function and signalling to his presentations. His workshops are both theoretically and practically sound and are a “must-do” for clinical practitioners wanting practical markers to assist diagnosis and target treatment response.  I also recommend this knowledge as being especially useful for researchers in the field of neuroscience. Dr Stephanie Fryer-Williams

Chief Researcher, Mental Health Biomarker Project

…Thanks for organising the workshop.  I thought it was a great to have a presenter of such calibre… Every neuro-therapist needs to understand the tremendous contribution that biomarkers from ERP analysis can add to assessing mental health conditions.  As a scientist practitioner I am fascinated by such technologies and it is a rare privilege to be able to be taught by one of the world’s foremost authorities.  Having attended several of Yury’s past workshops, I can recommend the value of learning from this master scientist.  His workshops are informative, challenging, and as long as you understand Russian humour, funny! Dr. Phil Watts

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Professor Yuri Kropotov is a world research leader into brain electrical fields and the significance of these fields to the understanding and healing of many psychological disorders.  Professor Kropotov is well known and highly respected for his recent seminal text on quantitative EEG, event-related potentials and neurotherapy, the first book to comprehensively address such matters.  With ongoing cutting edge work, he continues to add importantly to the emerging zeitgeist that is replacing conventional views on the functioning of the mind.  His work is essential material for those interested in the field of neurotherapy. C. Richard Clark

BA (Hons), PhD, MAPS, BCN, FASS Joint Clinical Director, Brain Health Clinics, Professor f Psychology, Flinders University