About HBimed QEEG Courses

We respect your valuable time that you take from your practice and leisure time to attend our class. Therefore, it is important to us to provide you with excellent content, professional material, seamless practicum, and make sure you also have fun!

The courses cover the theoretical basics as well as the practical clinical application of QEEG diagnostics in detail. After visiting the basic course, you will be able to implement QEEG in your practice.

Also part of the theoretical and practical aspects of the course is the HBI database that enables comparison of EEG data to normative data.

We have extended the QEEG course from three to five days in order to provide more time for the practicum.

Here you can find more information on our courses.

Who should visit a HBimed QEEG course?

Neurofeedback training courses at EEG Info.

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About QEEG Courses

Theoretical basics and practical clinical application