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16.-17.10. & 23.-24.10.2021 – Brain functions as an integrated component of psychiatric diagnostics – Online

There is no question about it and experience confirms this: The additional consideration of evoked potentials in the diagnostic process as a complementary component leads to precise diagnostics and thus to a neurobiologically based, personalized treatment.

HBImed, in cooperation with the Brain and Trauma Foundation Grisons, has developed an evaluation system that allows complex processes to be handled easily and depicted in a report.

The recording of the EEG within a framework of neurological-psychiatric diagnostics as well as the recording of evoked potentials has been standardized. This data can now be analyzed in a mostly automated way and presented in a Word document. This is simple and requires no specific skills. It is the art of interpretation of the data and ultimately the combination of the individual elements which create a holistic whole. The course content follows along the following individual elements: First, understanding the raw data and linking it to neurologically significant curves. Then the data is analysed in terms of frequencies and evoked potentials and is always interpreted with regard to deviations from the HBImed database. Next, the various meaningful indices, which have been scientifically processed (Arousal Index, Central Sensory Index, Theta/Beta – Ratio, ADHD Index, Emotional Regulation Index, etc.), are presented as a component of the neurobiological processes. Finally, the process of how individual elements become a whole is shown.

Theoretical and practical exercises are alternated so that a balance between learning, clinical diagnostics and treatment is found which become insightful and applicable. During the course, the participants are given access to the report generator, so that the application of knowledge and regular practice of what they have learnt becomes feasible.

Target groups
Psychiatrists, neurologists, neuro paediatricians, pediatricians, psychologists, psychotherapists

Course leader
Dr. Andreas Müller

Involved experts

  • Dr. med. Bettina Henkel, specialist for neurology and psychiatry (evaluation of raw values)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Dominique Eich (treatment strategies)

Questions regarding the course content can be sent to Andreas Müller by e-mail at any time (andreas_mueller(at)

  • This course is taught during 2 blocks which each consist of 3 days.
  • Dates: 16.-17.10.2021 and 23.-24.10.2021
  • Course times: both 9-12 am and 1-5 pm CET
  • Course format: ONLINE COURSE (course manual can be downloaded and printed out)

Course language

Costs per person for all 6 days
CHF 1800, single days cannot be booked

Registration deadline
by 08.10.2021

Cancellation policy
This course cannot be cancelled


Brain Functions October 2021 Online

This course is split into parts. Both parts have to be attended.

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