Online Intro Course

17.-18. & 24.-25. September 2022 – QEEG/ERP Intro – Online

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) and evoked, or event-related, potentials (ERPs) are valuable tools for supporting the diagnosis and targeted therapy of mental disorders. Learn how to use biomarkers to classify brain disorders and to enable a more personalized treatment. Learn about methods of neurotherapy for influencing brain disorders.

Make a more precise diagnosis and treat your patients more effectively!

After attending the course you will be able to:
Our basic course gives an introduction to the analysis of a quantitative EEG (QEEG) as well as evoked potentials (ERPs) and is intended for newcomers in these fields. Determine dysfunctions of the brain by means of brainmaps and comparing EEG/ERP data with the normative HBI database. During the practicum you will have the opportunity to analyse your own EEGs and ERPs (if such data is available in WinEEG format)  as well as analyse various clinical cases. We supply all software for EEG/ERP analysis and the HBI database.

Target Groups:
Neurologists, psychiatrists, child- and adolescent psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, MDs, pediatricians, occupational therapists, Neurofeedback therapists, school psychologists


This course is split into Part I 17./18.09.2022 & Part II 24./25.09.2022. Both parts have to be attended. Closing date for this course is: 02.09.2022

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