PC System Requirements for Mitsar and HBI software

Here, we want to give a couple of recommendations if you are looking for a computer for your system.

These days, you can use almost any PC for neurofeedback- there are only a few requirements that are important to run the fast feedback games:

  • The graphics adapter must be either AMD, formerly ATI, or nVidia with 3D acceleration and 2 GB of dedicated video RAM; dual monitor support
  • the operating system must be Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 / 8.1, 32 or 64 bits. MAC users must install Windows via Bootcamp.
  • 2 GHz dual core processor or faster (Intel i5 or i7).
    Recommendation: quad-core i7 (The I7 processors for notebooks with numbers ending on Y,M or U are dual core and the ones ending on HQ and MQ are Quad core)
    We explicitly and exclusively recommend Intel processors!
  • 4 GB RAM, better more than 8GB
  • Soundcard
  • Netbooks or Nettops are probably not suited; we recommend Multimedia or game computers. These are usually also quite cheap.

Here a couple of recommendations:

  • ok, again: graphics adapter either AMD (formerly ATI) or nVidia (this is mandatory). Note: the graphics memory should be 2 GB.
  • we strongly recommend processors from Intel i5 or i7. Recommendation: quad-core i7 (The I7 processors with numbers ending on Y,M or U are dual core and the ones ending on HQ and MQ are Quad core; desktop computer processors of type i5 and i7 are always quad-core)
  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM is required, we recommend 8GB or more. The difference in price is usually small, but noticeable with regard to performance.
  • I recommend to use a notebook, not a desktop PC (convenience)
  • don’t get a notebook with low screen resolution. Most cheap notebooks come with 1366 x 768 pixels, we recommend at least 1600×900 or better Full-HD (1900×1080), otherwise all windows overlap all the time and you’ll have to scroll a lot. Of course, the optimum screen resolution depends on your eyes.
  • if you intend to use the notebook mostly stationary, consider a 17″ screen. You will not regret it. A desktop computer should better be provided with a 24″ screen.
  • if you have a chance, check for the noise of the built-in fan. Some computers produce quite noticeable noise with can be annoying in a quite practice room.
  • SSD hard drives came down in price quite substantially. They are still more expensive than conventional mechanical drives but increase the speed of a computer substantially.

The rest is up to your taste: size, weight, battery lifetime, etc.
We are happy to review your computer choice and comment if it is suitable or not.

PC recommendation

PC System Requirements for Mitsar and HBI software