About us

Mental disorders are the mega-trend that place a heavy burden on politics, healthcare providers and the economy. There is a strong demand for better, cheaper and more objective diagnostic tools. The products and services by HBImed AG enable the more objective diagnosis of mental disorders and contribute to a goal-oriented, personalized therapy. The analysis tools and reference databases created by HBImedAG are unique in terms of scope and precision.

HBImed AG was founded in 2009 in Switzerland to convert 25 years of brain research and clinical application with biomarkers and a reference database which was developed during this time into clinically applicable products:

  • Database-based analysis software
  • Report service
  • Training
  • Research projects

Management Team

Dr. Andreas Müller

President of the board of directors

  • Director of the Research Clinic, Chur, Switzerland
  • CEO Brain and Trauma Foundation, Switzerland
  • President of the board of directors of HBImed AG

Prof. Dr. Juri Kropotov


  • Director of Laboratory of the Institute of the Human Brain (HBI) of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg
  • Professor, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway
  • Chief scientist at HBImed AG

Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth


HBImed AG is independent so far, self-financed and is run by its three founders Prof. J. Kropotov (research), A. Müller, Ph.D. (clinical application) and B. Wandernoth, Ph.D. (signal processing).